Thursday, June 23, 2005

Nocturnal Journeys of Survival

Via BBC News
It was late and I was tired and sleep was nowhere near. As I laid down on my bed, I kept thinking about what I had read earlier about the wandering children of Uganda. I felt the urge to act, so I decided to post this.

I first knew about the plight of these unfortunate Uganda war children somewhere, but I can’t recollect exactly where. The BBC News has aptly tagged them the "Night Commuters" in this picture-news. And that is exactly what they are- they travel long distance, in groups, every blessed night looking for safe havens.

In my mind, they are the major fallout of the unending war in northern Uganda, a war that has spanned almost two decades. Whatever motivates the war monger, Joseph Kony, the satanic leader the Lords Resistance Army, is definitely evil.

These kids have lost their lives, yet they all have live in them, hoping perhaps one day life will return back to normal- for those that can remember what “normal” means. I salute their courage and their tenacity to overcome their unwarranted adversities, they are survivors and they are my heroes! More