Friday, June 17, 2005

Help Build a Bridge

"Imagine building a bridge in remote, rural Nigeria to cross over a 200-foot wide river, where every effort is by a volunteer. The planning, the engineer design, the labor force and the direction of this project are all being accomplished at no cost. Imagine the changes possible in the lives of thousands of people confined to “the other side” who for more than 30 years have only been able in part to think it was possible. Imagine what can happen in the lives of children who can cross over to schools, of the sick who can reach doctors, and of the fathers and mothers who can take their crops and wares to markets. Like the turning on of a light bulb in a darkened room, this bridge can instantly bring hope, life and vigor to thousand of families, and unlock the potential of tens of thousands of acres of rich farmland"- Dr Stong.

The Worldwide Organization for Women needs your help to build a bridge in the Enugwu village in Nigeria.

About 30 years ago, according to the Worldwide Organization for Women, the Enugwu village was separated from the world when their bridge over the Eze River was destroyed. The loss of the bridge has significantly impacted not only the education of children, but it has also limited access to medical care, which is also located in Ozubulu. Building a bridge will not only help the children get to school and give access to proper medical care, but will also help with economic potential. The villagers are mostly farmers and manual laborers. This village is endowed with expansive and fertile agricultural land. There is an abundant supply of cassava, yam, palm fruits, coconut, banana, plantain, fruits, and vegetables in this village. A bridge would help the sale of produce from the very rich farmlands of Enugwu and permit free flow of peoples and their goods between the many villages in this region.

The Worldwide Organization for Women has been fortunate to find an Engineer, Dr. Todd Stong who has volunteered to help build this bridge at no charge.

Please help by donating, visit Worldwide Organization for Women website . It will make the world of difference to the lives of these people!

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