Friday, July 21, 2006

Towards Nigerian 2007 Elections- Pat Utomi For President!

This is Pat Utomi; he wants to be the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • Is he worthy of this post?
  • How would he accomplish this ambition?
  • What could he offer the Nigerian people?
  • How does he intend to turn Nigeria around?

  • Pat Utomi is a political economist, management lecturer and an entrepreneur:
    "A fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria and a Senior Faculty of the Lagos Business School -Pan African University, he is Director of The Centre For Applied Economics at the Lagos Business School. He has served in Senior positions in government, as an Adviser to the President of Nigeria; the Private Sector, as Chief Operating Officer for Volkswagen of Nigeria, and in academia.

    "He is the author of several Management and Public Policy books including the Award Winning Managing Uncertainty: Competition and Strategy in Emerging Economies. His academic background covers a range from Policy Economics, Business Administration, and Political Science to Mass Communication. As an entrepreneur he has founded or co-founded companies that are active in fields including financial services, ICT, and media." Read Pat Utomi's CV.

    As the 2007 election draws nearer, Pat has been making the rounds in Nigeria and abroad. He has been to the United States and United Kingdom selling his idea to fellow country men in the Diaspora who he believes "had significant roles to play in actualising rapid economic development and the total rebirth of their fatherland" (I'm in total agreement) While addressing a town hall meeting of Nigerians in Miami, Utomi cited the Indian Diaspora and its role in 'stimulating the country's new resurgence.'

    During an interactive TV session in London, Pat Utomi states the next Nigerian president 'must be a man of character, competent, committed and compassionate.' Utomi believes his decision to come out in search of the people's mandate' is to show people the meaning of sacrifice.' Nigeria, he said, needs those who would 'talk the talk and walk the walk.'

    Back to the questions posed earlier. Pat Utomi is definitely worthy of the post of the president. He has been consistent in his messages. At the moment, he's the most appealing and the one with the least 'political baggage' among the presidential aspirants. He has the name recognition, he's well read, enlightened and exposed, and it appears his appeal cuts across both Nigeria ethnic and religious strata.

    His major setback (though not insurmountable): Lack of strong political base. Not to worry, grapevine gist has it Pat has been 'solicited and wooed' by many political parties. Things will become clearer in the next coming weeks.

    Nigerians have been repeatedly brainwashed by some quarters that there are no credible candidates; the truth is Pat Utomi is more than credible... Nigeria needs him!

    Read more about where Pat Utomi stands and why you need to take a stand, now! and also listen to his interview via Nigeria Village Square radio/podcast.

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