Saturday, June 11, 2005

Prophet of Doom turned Phophet of Hope?

The fact the the US and the other G8 nations have heeded the call for debt relief for African nations, Nigeria inclusive, is a sound testimony that the logic behind calling the US a "Prophet of Doom" (usename & password =grandiose parlor)holds no water! It is illogical for the US to agree to debt elimination if it feels that the future of the Nigeria, or some African nations for that matter, is doomed- if one goes by the way some have interpreted the recent NIC report on Nigeria, "Mapping Sub-Saharan Africa's Future". The "Prophet of Doom" has indeed turned to the "Prophet of Hope". This is a classic case of "rhetoric without substance" or better still "Blind Patriotism".

Regardless of the outcome of the G8 meeting as per Nigeria, this is an epic moment for those African nations; and they better make the best use of this opportunity.