Tuesday, June 14, 2005

About Michael Jackson, the Illiterate Fistula Surgeon and the 21st Century's Lepers

It is no longer news; Michael Jackson is a free man, and he has vowed never to share his bed with his 'boy' friends again. I hope he has learnt his lesions. But what about the victims? With a verdict as MJ's, many genuine victims will be less confident to come out and disclose their experience. To them (and if they believe MJ is guilty) it seems there is no justice. Personally, only MJ knows what the verdict is, only him can tell!

So what about Africa where sexual violence is common and acceptble; where men marry girls that have barely reached puberty? These girls endure many untold and unimaginable instances of violence and cruelty. According to a story by Nick Kristof in the NewYork Times, Mamitu developed a vaginal fistula at age 15, after trying to deliver a child. Girls with this condition end up with urine and feces dripping continuously from their vagina. Mamitu later became one of the best and most experienced fistula surgeons in the world. Yet she never saw the 4 walls of a classroom until a couple of months ago... Watch the video

Mamitu story is filled with awe, inspiration and courage. It is also a reminder that that there are many women in our land, who have been turned into “the 21st century's lepers” by men who still see the female gender as disposable assets.

Ladies what do we do with these guys?