Thursday, July 07, 2005

We Need Peace on Earth!

It is another sad day for mankind today (July 7, 2005). Atleast forty innocent souls die prematurely, and hundreds are wounded in London. And the toll is raising.

Given the nature of the activities that had been permiating the world and the Blogoshere in recent weeks- aid and debt relief, safe earth, trade, etc; today is a rude reminder that we exist in a fragile, fragmented and unpredictable world afterall. The events in London are the antitheses of all that mankind yearn for, and it is despicably deplorable!

I solemnly and humbly offer a Prayer for Peace to those most touched by today's terrorist attacks in London and to the whole world in general.

Find Prayer of Peace in other languages here .

May Peace reign supreme in our hearts and on Earth!