Thursday, July 07, 2005

Terrorists Hit London!

Update July 24th: Anthony Fatayi-william buried in London
Tears flowed freely from many eyes on Saturday 23rd 2005, as family and friends thronged the Westminster Cathedral for the funeral mass of Anthony Fatayi -Williams.

In a moving ,but brief eulogy to her son, Marie revealed how she and Anthony were so fond of each other to the extent that if they never wanted any member of the family to understand them, they talked in French.
"The times we shared are what I will hold on to forever,"
She told the congregants, and by the time she had finished singing a special song to say "goodbye" in French, tears were already in many eyes. Anthony's dad, Dr Alan Fatayi -Williams said a Foundation for Peace and Conflict Resolutions would be set up to immortalise their first son.

Anthony's mother is Catholic while his dad is Muslim.

Via Nigerian Guardian

Update July 14th
Death Toll now Five for Nigeria: Additional names of missing Nigerians: Yinka Ajanaku, Toyin Olarenwaju and one Ayan.


Update July 13th
It is now confirmed that atleast 2 Nigerians died in the London blast. Nigeria’s High Commission’s acting Information Officer in London, Mr Joel Udegbulam, said in London on Monday that the identified victims were 26 year-old Anthony Fatayi-Williams and Miss Ojara Ikeagwu... Via Nigerian Vanguard


Update July 11th
London Blast Update: Via BCC News:
“Terrorism is not the way. We cannot deliver peace by killing people” -Marie Fatayi-Williams Mother of missing Nigerian Anthony Fatayi-williams Read more...

New details emerge: Three bombs went off almost simultaneously at about 0850 on Underground trains just outside Liverpool Street and Edgware Road stations, and on another travelling between King's Cross and Russell Square. The final explosion was on a double-decker bus. Read more


Update: July 8th
View more pictures on the London blast, via Flickr, courtesy of Jewels in the Jungle .


Multiple blasts hit London transport system, via “I was on the bus,” said a dazed passenger on one of the buses that was hit. “I looked round and the seats behind me were gone.”
A witness at the Russell Square blast said the entire top deck of that bus was destroyed.

"I was on the bus in front and heard an incredible bang, I turned round and half the double decker bus was in the air," Belinda Seabrook told Press Association, the British news agency.

She said the bus was packed with people. "It was a massive explosion and there were papers and half a bus flying through the air," she said.
A doctor at Aldgate said at least 90 people were wounded at that location alone. At least two people were confirmed killed at that station.

"There are some walking wounded at Aldgate," said a spokesman for City of London police, speaking on condition of anonymity. "We are not sure of the scale of the incident. Reports are still coming in."

"It was absolutely deafening and all the windows shattered," he said. "There were just loads of people screaming and the carriages filled with smoke. You could see the carriage opposite was completely gutted. There were some people in real trouble."

Via BBC News: "It is particularly barbaric this has happened on a day when people are meeting to try to help the problems of poverty in Africa"
- Tony Blair

The BBC has located an Islamist website that has published a 200-word statement issued by n organisation saying it carried out the London bombings. The organisation calls itself the Secret Organisation Group of al-Qaeda [literally the base] of Jihad Organisation in Europe.

"In the name of God, the merciful, the compassionate, may peace be upon the cheerful one and undaunted fighter, Prophet Muhammad, God's peace be upon him.

Nation of Islam and Arab nation: Rejoice for it is time to take revenge against the British Zionist Crusader government in retaliation for the massacres Britain is committing in Iraq and Afghanistan. The heroic mujahideen have carried out a blessed raid in London. Britain is now burning with fear, terror and panic in its northern, southern, eastern, and western quarters.

We have repeatedly warned the British Government and people. We have fulfilled our promise and carried out our blessed military raid in Britain after our mujahideen exerted strenuous efforts over a long period of time to ensure the success of the raid.

We continue to warn the governments of Denmark and Italy and all the Crusader governments that they will be punished in the same way if they do not withdraw their troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. He who warns is excused.
God says: "You who believe: If ye will aid (the cause of) Allah, He will aid you, and plant your feet firmly."
I do not know what god these zealots worship! One thing is certain: they will fail woefully in their cause, and they and their generations will be cursed and remain cursed till eternity!

It is imperative that mainstream and moderate muslims flush out these barbarians.