Monday, July 04, 2005

Debt Relief for Nigeria!

The recent $18 billion debt relief awarded to Nigeria may not be unconnected to the debt cancellation blitzkrieg initiated by Blair, Bono and Geldof. Even if the deal is not from the G8 nations, the reveberations generated around the issue may have "encouraged" the Paris Club- a consortium of western creditor nations, and partly account for their magnanimity. Kudos to Obasanjo's and his team for pushing forward relentlessly and for doing their homework!

However, more Nigerians need to be prosecuted for their greed and sticky fingers, otherwise...

Via BBC News:
As the battle for debt relief is about to commence on a different tuft, and as "leaders and protesters from around the world are drawing out their battle lines ahead of the G8 summit and African leaders are meeting in Libya to discuss how to capitalise on a high-profile poverty campaign that was boosted by pop concerts..."

Joyce, a Tanzanian peasant farmer and mother of three has this to say, via BBC Photo Journal:
"If I could talk to the heads of the G8 summit I would ask them to put themselves in our shoes, walking long distances to collect water and not able to send their children to secondary school."
Perhaps the Tanzanian president has to "put himself in her shoes" first. So what say you President Benjamin William Mkapa?

G8 Summit 2005