Sunday, June 26, 2005

Segun Obasanjo, Andrew Young, & Carlton Masters, Inc

I first got wind of this "matrimony", (I hope the use of this word is appropriate under this circumstance), between our president- General Obasanjo, Young and Masters about a month ago while on a visit to Atlanta. Jonathan Elendu's article on Nigeria Online may just be the impetus I need to blog about this mysterious alliance. My source even told me that our president hardly stays at the Nigerian consulate anymore; most of the time he's hanging out with his associates-Young and Masters anytime he is in the US.

Jonathan's article: "Obasanjo, Young, and Masters: What kind of cabal?" speaks for itself. All I have to add is: OBJ what's up with all these? We're all watching...

Read more here and via Elendu Reports