Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Third Term Agenda is Over Heating the Nigerian Polity

Nigerian Vice President, Atiku Abubakar spoke again and against the much talked about third term agenda in Nigeria. He met with a group tagged "Movement 2007" which comprises mainly members of the National Assembly opposed to the third term of President Obasanjo.

This is an extract from his speech, culled from The Nigerian Vanguard:
"You have absolutely no reason to doubt or to fear because over the last few months, you have seen clearly, in the print media, in the radio, all over that more than 90 per cent of Nigerians are opposed to this agenda...

"On the 25th of August last year, when I granted interview to Thisday Newspapers, I revealed clearly this agenda and my total opposition to it. That was when I was branded a disloyal Vice-President. The following month, on the 25th of September, at the Yar’Adua Centre, I raised an alarm that the PDP was about to be hijacked so that a particular agenda could be achieved. I was proved right. Hasn’t PDP been hijacked? Was there any election? At all levels, there was no election. It was hijacked so that a particular agenda or the party could be used to achieve a particular agenda. So, what better testimony, what better evidence do we need that this is a real agenda?"
Not that Mr Atiku has much credibility in my book, and his sharp criticism may be borne out of his desire to contest the presidential elections next year. However, his speech, and the reactions from the Mr Obasanjo's political machinery, speaks volume to the desire of the president to stay in office beyond the time stipulated by the constitution.

The Presideny has called for Atiku to resign because of his recent statement.

The vanguard quotes Fani-Kayode, the president's "mouth piece" as follows:
"Somebody on his [President Obasanjo] right hand or beside or directly behind as his number two who is criticising him and attempting to stick a dagger in his back, attempting to undermine him and attempting to organise opposition forces to subject the president to ridicule. No president expects such a thing from his vice."
The polity is getting unduely heated up in Nigeria, and much attention is being focused and expended on this unproductive and nonsensical business of third term.

It is shameful, disgraceful, and undeniably callous of the parties stoking the fire of the third term agenda, particularly the man right in the middle of the controversy; who in his infinite wisdom, and for reasons best known to him, has chosen to play dumb.

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