Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Charles Taylor Caught Traveling in a Land Rover with Diplomatic Plate Number

It's on record that the Liberia's new president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, said in an interview with The New York Times before her inauguration in January that "Mr. Taylor's fate was a relatively low priority, given the myriad problems facing Liberia and the fragility of the peace there."

The reason for the sudden change of heart is puzzling. Some have suggested that the Ms Johnson may have been pressured by Washington to prosecute Taylor or the US will "withhold aid to Liberia if she did not act". So she asked Nigeria to hand Mr. Taylor over, and Nigeria agreed.

On the realization this he (Taylor) fled and almost made it out of Nigeria. Almost.

Charles Taylor has been captured. He was traveling in a Land Rover with diplomatic plates as he attempted to slip out of Nigeria into Cameroun.