Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Niger Delta Actors

Mr Ibori the Governor of Delta state (one of the oil-producing states in Nigeria) made this statement (below) while receiving five Ministers from the Niger Delta who paid him a solidarity visit over the problem in the Niger-Delta region.
“…He is handicapped by the refusal of Niger Delta militants to release the three hostages they are holding in the creeks, pointing out that unless they are freed, he will not have the strength to continue with the struggle.

“In fact, he (Obasanjo) understands it very well. He knows what needs to be done. He is prepared to assist us in doing this but we cannot do it except these hostages are released. That is the point I have been making.”
When a Non-Nigerian reads this statement, what would he/she think of the efforts of the Nigerian government in resolving the conflict in the Niger-Delta?

Who among these men (the delta state governor included) has done all they can in effecting positive changes in their land?

Mr Ibori speaks of “struggles”, what struggle is this? Yes, he is one of the Governors wanting more allocation from the federal government, and this is fine, but isn't it rather silly to call for more funds when he and his cronies in other oil-producing states can't account for funds they have received for the past 7 years?

His struggle is definitely not the Niger-Delta struggle. One needs to read this article on Elendu Reports: Ibori in Oil Deals? (October 20, 2005) to understand him and the caliber of many other people claiming to be “leaders” or “part of the Niger Delta struggle”.