Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Redeemed Christian Church of God is Set for Global Evangelism

"The Redeemed Christian Church of God believe Jesus has sent them to spread a difficult truth in the United States: Demonic forces are corrupting society and only spiritual warfare can stop them"

The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) appears set for global dissemination of the gospel on a scale that yet to be matched by any church out of Africa.

EthnicLoft carried a story about the Church about a week ago: African Christians a growing dynamic force.

Since then there have been more stories on the church. From its incursion into movies via the Nigerian Nollywood to its growth in the United States, the RCCG has been on a fast track of being the numero uno of pentecostal churches that originated from Africa.
"The church stormed into Nollywood with its first four movies last year, including the English-language "The AIDS' Patient" about an infected woman cured by the Holy Spirit and "Agan" (or "None Shall be Barren"), a story in the local Yoruba language about a pastor and his wife who finally conceive a
baby after deep prayer..."--Associated Press via Yahoo
Aside from its incursion into movies via the Nigerian Nollywood, the Church is constructing a TV studio on its newsly acquired 600 acres lot in Dallas. All these are being finance by the Dove media Group, a subsidiary of the church.
"It [the church] opened its first U.S. congregation in 1992, when [Pastor] Adeboye [the General Overseer] prayed in a Detroit living room with a Nigerian engineer...Churches in Tallahassee, Florida, and Dallas soon opened, and many more followed...Fifty miles north of Dallas, the church is building a multimillion-dollar national headquarters and conference complex on more than 600 acres of farm land in rural Floyd, Texas." --Yahoo News.

PS: To those familiar with the Lagos-Ibadan express-way, wouldn't it be pure bliss if the RCCG would use it enormous influence and resources to find a permanent solution to the agonizing traffic congestion (and the associated public health hazards) on this major freeway on the days the church hosts its monthly revivals? Just a thought.