Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Vagabond in power
Top on my list of sober-flection is the incredible statement of Nigerien President Mamadou Tanja, that there is no famine in his country…just pockets of areas experiencing food scarcity! He said: "The people of Niger look well-fed, as you can see." I'm utterly astounded. It is a great pity that Nigeriens, like many Africans, have been disenfranchised, otherwise what business does a creature like Mamadou Tanja have leading them? I’m sad to say, Niger and Nigeriens are in deep doo-doo!

Deport terror advocates, not the Zimbabweans!
The UK has been embarking on a forced repatriation of unsuccessful asylum seekers from Zimbabwe since last year. However, last week the government issued a moratorium on further deportations . This is good news and it is long overdue. It is on record that the UK has deported hundreds of unsuccessful asylum seekers despite mounting evidence of serious human right violations upon returning to Zimbabwe.

"If the UK can already deport those who pose a threat to national security, why not religious fanatics that advocate terror; are they not security threat?"
No, they are not by UK law, and this is why Mr. Blair has outlined a set of plans to extend his powers to deport foreigners who encourage terrorism.

This is one of the things Fela, the late enigmatic Nigerian Afro-beat musician termed “perambulation” in his own lingo. Stop "perambulating" and deport those that really deserve it!

Mauritanian Coup: The lure of petro $$?
Although the people rejoiced, and the new head of state, Colonel Vall promised he will stay for just 2 years to set up a care-taker government that will usher in a new democratic government. But is there more to Colonel Vall’s intent than meets the eye? The country will commence oil exportation next year when its first offshore oilfield starts production.

Nigeria’s next frontier: Space
While receiving representatives of the Nigerians in Diaspora Organization (NIDO- I don’t know much about NIDO, all I know is that they are government funded), President Obasanjo said that the government is keen in going to space between the next 15 to 25 years. Nigeria’s Space Policy and Programs was initiated in 2001, the country's first earth observation satellite, the Nigeriasat-1, was launched in 2003.
"Must we go to space just because we have the brainpower and resources? Why invest in space when the billions can be used right here on earth- Nigeria? This is not only a case of gross misplacement of priority and it also borders on the verge of grandiose delusion!"

The departure of great minds

First, JG

Then, RC

Now, JJ

Although they were from three continents, and they walked on different life tracks, and pursued ideologies; they all had one time in common:
they were freedom fighters. They wanted the best for their people, and for mankind

What a world we live in!
What a world we live in indeed! While many African nations are struggling with famine (or better still- food scarcity), war, and political assassination, coup, et cetera, et cetera; some other continents were busy “playing god” many miles above earth! My late grandmother called it the "Oyinbo witchcraft". Not witchcraft ma, it is science.

Welcome back Discovery and its crew, I'm sure it feels great to be back on your feet and among earthlings.