Sunday, July 17, 2005

Nigeria Direct- the information gateway to Nigeria

Nigeria launched an interactive web portal this month, christened Nigeria Direct . According to the Minister for Information, Nigeria Direct is an information gateway and it will provide a one-stop access to everything about Nigeria, Nigerians, the government and its agencies, and investment opportunities in the country.
"It warehouses everything as a central information pool, leading to links and addresses that will give you the most reliable data on every aspect of our national life...serves as the authoritative reference point for current information about the country's economy, politics, tourism, culture, investment opportunities and all other information on and about Nigeria."
The web portal is accessible in 153 Nigerian languages and the option of being accessed in 13 international languages, according to the information ministry. A customer relationship management component that will offer real time response will be incorporated into the portal later.

Access Nigeria Direct at: