Thursday, July 21, 2005

African Oddity: When Husbands Become Pimps

Under what condition(s) would a man “pimp” his wife? For some, it doesn’t take much! Check this out, via Mail & Guardian Online:

Business at the numerous money transfer agencies in Cameroon's capital, Yaounde is typically a brisk affair. Of the many people who frequent the agencies, one group is of particular interest, the husbands of women who have gone abroad to earn money from prostitution...Such scenes become ever-more frequent from June: the start of summer in Europe, where Cameroonian women find work as prostitutes..."I can't tell you what I'm going to do in France. My husband tells me I have a fantastic figure, and that I need take advantage of it for the good of my family," said a 39-year-old government contract worker ..."When my husband compared our sad situation to that of a family friend who has two cars and a villa, he suggested I go and 'work hard' over there."

"My colleague, who's a regular, left three weeks ago and she's supposed to show me the ropes. She really encouraged me to do everything in my power to travel and make a go of it there," ...Women can make up to $20 000 during their stay in Europe. The monthly salary of a mid-level civil servant in Cameroon is just under $200... Rumours also abound of civil servants and policemen sending their wives to have sex with their superiors, so that the men can receive a promotion- or get into the good graces of their managers.

Still, certain women succeed in turning the tables on their spouses..."It seems to me that the wives do get something out of it sometimes," says Ntiaze, "since some of them leave and never come back

Uhmmm! I’m Speechless!! And I’m withered!!!

Is this a form of violence against women? Since the men are in “position of power” in many communities of Africa. Or is this solely a greed-driven situation, a husband-and-wife “limited liability partnership” venture?

While I’m ashamed to admit, there are many African prostitutes all over the world, but this is the first of its kind as far as I know. This will make an interesting research for social scientists… what would make a man “pimp” his wife?

Nothing, but sheer madness!

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