Saturday, August 06, 2005

Niger Famine: A Live8 Remix?

Niger’s first Lady has organized a concert-for-food aid. The concert is billed for Niamey, Niger’s capital city today, August 6.

I wonder what the musicians will sing about. I hope there is a “ballad” about the messed-up government policies that is partly responsible for this crisis, or maybe a "lullaby" for the selfish Nigerien business men that hoard food to make a profit? If I may suggest: a “Live8 remix” will be most appropriate to the nations that were slow to “heed the call” for aid.

Further more, I will like an “a cappella” dedicated to the first families and top shots in Niger, asking them what they have personally done to help ease the pain of their fellow Nigeriens. Many have donated cash and all sorts using quite ingenious approach, for example Dale Swinburne's family has been skipping meals and sending the cash equivalent to Niger. So what exactly have they done? It will be of huge import for these artists to do a “cantata” asking the nations currently under the siege of quela birds, the steps being taken to avert future disasters.

I sincerely hope the concert will bring in more money, and I do not intend to trivialize the gravity of the famine; however, I’m just tired and ashamed of the drought of ideas of those that should know better! It is just unfortunate that “aid” did not arrive on time for the Nigeriens, now many will die, and this famine will soon become another chapter in the achieves of African disasters.

The question is:
"What is this government (and others) going to do to avert/mitigate future occurrence? If they have to mortgage all they have to prevent an encore of this macabre drama; it is well worth it…a nation that can’t feed itself is in deep doo-doo!"