Sunday, August 13, 2006

Africa The Next Chapter- TEDGlobal

"...Africans are starting to take matters into their own hands. Ingenious solutions are being applied to tackle some of the toughest health and infrastructure problems. Businesses are being launched that are capable of transforming the lives of millions. New communication technologies are allowing ideas and information to spread, enabling markets--and governments--to be more efficient..."-- TEDGlobal "Africa: The next chapter"

Piggy-backing on the Ory's post on Kenyan Pundit about TEDGlobal, whose next conference is themed around Africa and scheduled to hold in Arusha, Tanzania, between June 4-7, 2007. One of the co-producers--Emeka Okafor--the blogger at Timbuktu Chronicles and Africa Unchain, reveals that "the focus will be on doers, practical thinkers and implementers, not your usual bureaucratic professional conference attendees."

This is just one of what the Africa needs, and as the continent continues to evolve and strives to pull itself out of the quadmire--even though through unsteady baby-steps--it is interesting and encouraging that some attention is finally coming its way.

As uplifting as the TED conference is, the fact remains that only a deeper understanding of the principles of democracy, and the strengthening of the various appendages of government by African leaders and heads of state will have the most significant impact on the African people. It is my hope that the TEDGlobal conference somehow serves as a catalyst in this regard.