Tuesday, August 01, 2006

DISBAND and DECENTRALIZE the Nigerian Police Force

"The fact that after four decades of independence a country would still need foreign intervention in solving a murder case stongly suggests there are some serious anomalies with that country..." goes my tirade to Jeremy's Naija Blog's post on the murder of Funsho William and the invitation of british detectives to help solve the case.

The Nigerian authority's invitation of detectives an indication that it has learnt from experience- and that is quite an uncommon ocurrence. Given the staggering number of unsolved murder cases in the past- in which several of the victims were prominent nationals- perhaps one could argue that the invitation is appropriate and justifiable. Under normal circumstance this will be. However, there is nothing normal about the Nigerian situation, particularly the efficiency of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF). The invitation of the three british cops is an indictment of the NPF, and a not-so-clever admission of failure by the Nigerian government. It's now left to the next president to do what his predecessor didn't have the guts to do: DISBAND and DECENTRALIZE the Nigerian Police Force.

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