Monday, February 20, 2006

Naija Blogo-drama!

Why is it tough for many earthlings to handle criticism? President Obasanjo, Nigeria's enfant-terrible, is a poster child for this trait. He will shout, rant and curse you-out if you share and dare voice out a divergent view to his.

Many Nigerians are like that, and the Nigerian Blogosphere is fast getting highly intolerant of disseting views, and some Nigerian bloggers are quick to forget that after all this blogging business should primarily be fun, and nobody is the ultimate and perfect repository of knowledge. Why can't we all live to share and learn from each other?

Check out Jeremy's post on titled: "Its 2006 abroad, but 1956 in Nigeria" and the comments it has generated. As I write, there're 30 comments, and counting!

If you have ever been to NaijaBlog where Jeremy does his stuff, you would have noted his likeness for "words", he simply plays with words, well, I'm not surprised, afterall he's an Oyinbo man, even if he calls himself a "English/Yoruba Hybrid".

So when he literally tore apart a statement credited to a well-liked social advocate, he drew blood. And using Fela's lingo it's been "scatter-scatter" even since. An exercise in simple semantics has turned frivolous and nasty.

Jeremy's post was an excellent opportunity to discuss issues relating to domestic violence in Nigerian women, unfortunately the post didn't have a chance- it suffered a still birth, courtesy of some hot heads, so of whom are well-known for their irritating and often misguided opinions. But that is their perogative, as long as they keep it within the confines of their urls and domains.

I shall continue with the other tale at a later date, which is along the same theme but extremely chauvinistic in nature. A man must have style and be cultured regardless of the circumstance my father thought me. This major-domo of the Nigerian blogosphere lacks these traits. And I'm not surprised.

To be continued.