Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Flag Burning Ceremony at Kano's State Assembly...

"Nigerian MPs [Members of the Parliament / members of House of Assembly ] cheered in the northern majority Muslim state of Kano as Danish and Norwegian flags were burned in a ceremony in the parliament premises.

"The flags were torched to show disapproval of the publication in Denmark and Norway of cartoons satirising the Prophet Muhammad. Earlier Kano state MPs passed a resolution to call off multi-million dollar trade negotiations with Denmark." --BBC

The State House of Assembly has turned into The Theatre of the Absurd! One wonders if these MPs have anything better to do with their time? And who stands to benefit more from thes trade that's been called off- Kano or Denmark?

From religious bigots to idiotic newspaper editors; many have lost their senses and really getting high on this religious opium...really fast. How's it going to end I ask?