Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Coach Steve Keshi: No World Cup Fiesta

"FORMER [Nigerian] Green Eagles captain Chief Segun Odegbami has chided the Togolese Football Federation (TFF) for sacking Coach Stephen Keshi as the country's national team coach. The Togolese football authority yesterday announced the termination of Keshi's appointment for what it described as irreconcilable differences between him and key players of the national team, the Hawks."-- Daily Champion, a Nigerian newspaper.

I empathize with Mr Keshi, getting the Togolese to qualify for the World cup is a huge achievement, and it appears he won't be there to guide the team through the tournament. The woefully display of the Togolese team in the just concluded African Nations, however, is a dark shadow that seem to have totally obliterated Mr Keshi's earlier feat. I wonder what went wrong?

BTW what makes it Chief Odegbami's job to chide the TFF? I didn't realize he's now Mr Keshi's manager.