Tuesday, February 28, 2006

General Obasanjo: Nigeria's First Life President

“Everything I do now is to protect Nigeria’s interest, and if that will cost me my life, so be it.”-President Obasanjo

ThisDay, a Nigerian newspaper, writes about the President's statement that "the it had become necessary for his administration to ensure the consolidation of the gains of his economic reforms by recruiting a crop of Nigerians that would sustain them for at least 15 years."

I wonder why the president is just asking for another 4 years, why not go all the way and become Nigeria’s “Life President”.

He deserves it after all, he’s the only Nigerian that has been head of state twice, and being the smartest Nigerian alive; he‘s been able to proffer practical solutions to the Nigerian issue and problems. Besides, he’s willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, lose his life for Nigeria.

What a man!