Friday, January 27, 2006

Hamas Victory: America Needs to Learn from the Best…

Re: Hamas victory in the Palestine.

On a lighter note now, the United States was betting that Hamas, a “terrorist organization” had little or no chance of winning the parliamentary elections in the Palestine. The US even “spent about $1.9 million of its yearly $400 million in aid to the Palestinians on dozens of quick projects before elections this week to bolster the governing Fatah faction's image with voters and strengthen its hand in competing with the militant faction Hamas”, according to the NewYork Times.

If the US was really serious about bolstering the Fatah party, they should have hired African/Nigeria consultants to strategize the defeat of Hamas prior to the elections rather than using inexperienced US state officials. It is that simple, and there are many that can do this in the African continent...for less.

Learn from the best…do it “African stylee”!