Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dog Food for Kenyan Kids?

"Kenya's Daily Nation newspaper said Christine Drummond of the Mighty Mix company in New Zealand had offered to send dog food powder to hungry children in western Kenya.

"The information appeared to be coming from a New Zealand newspaper, which said Drummond had been moved to make a donation of 6,000 emergency packs of dog food mixture after the daughter of a friend visited the drought-hit country."- Reuters

Africa may be a basket-case and the "Dark Continent", and it is unfortunate and tough to accept the fact that our leaders have failed us. But when an as***ole, who has just emerged from the hole he calls home decides the best he can do for a starving child is feed him "dog food", that just breaks my soul, and it leaves me speechless...for a second. He'd better stay in his hole and not come out!