Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Is Dr Bruce a Scam Artist?

More on the advance fee scams. I received via Grandiose Parlor’s email this text posted “as-it-is” below from one “Dr Bruce that works at the USA embassy in Nigeria”. This is the second time of getting this junk. Is he a scam artist? I bet he is!!! And a silly one for that matter!
“Hello, How is life over there?
My Name Is Dr. Bruce.
Your email
address is unique
I am very happy to mail you.
Where do you reside?
I am a staff of the United States foreign department.
Have you had any
working experience?
If you're a graduate ,then you can apply for the
job offer from ChevronTexaco
Vist my family website on
I'll be expecting the responce as soon as possible
If you ever receive
this email ,call me on 2348037906437
Have a nice day.
Dr. Bruce
My email add is-
United States Embassy
Walter Carrington Crescent
Victoria Island .Lagos”

“Dr Bruce” even has the audacity to list this website: “www-dot-martins-dot-com” - as his. Well, on previewing the content it appears this is a false claim. “Dr Bruce” seems to have hijacked “www-dot-martins-dot-com” and have been using it to perpetrate his scams. How about that!

I wonder if the legitimate owner of this site knows what’s going on?

Does one need to post a disclaimer statement on one’s site now in the light of this nonsense?

There is a strong link between the advance fee scam and Nigeria, the fact is its origin is unclear and has been the subject of a lot of debates. Some Nigerians unfortunately have perfected the scam and have woven all sorts of “twists” and “angles” to it. These days, it is not uncommon to see “419-themed letters” originate from non-Nigerian IP addresses.

What steps have the Nigerian government taken to curb the scam menace?

There are several scam-baiting websites out there, but beyond their entertainment value it’s unclear what impact they have made in curbing this fraud.

  • Does anyone know what resources are available to the Nigerian Internet café operators in identifying scammers from their customer base?
  • Do Internet café attendants go through any training on how to identify and deal with scammers operating from their cafe?
  • What legal mechanisms are in place to ensure that suspect-cases are duly investigated and prosecuted by the justice department?
  • Can’t the various paraphernalia of the Nigerian justice department (Police, EFCC, NCWG, etc) conduct periodic sting operations and flush out these scammers?
  • What steps- beyond just giving policy statements and doing photo ops,- has the government taken to stop this shame. I asked once again?