Thursday, January 12, 2006

Museveni: The Future President of East African Federation?

The Uganda President Yoweri Museveni has said he would not wish to relinquish power before realizing his dream of the East African federation and a greater African union. Both goals, he said, were part of the larger mission of the National Resistance Army bush war that brought his ruling Movement to power in 1986. He wants to wants to rule the East African states of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda under the proposed East African Federation.

He has cleverly amended his country’s constitution to permit his third term in office. And if the upcoming Feb. 203 election goes his way- as this poll is suggesting- and he’s able to silence all opposition, then he may be on his way to actualize this grandiose ambition.
"By 2010 we should have one presidency where the three presidents become co-presidents of the whole of East Africa and by 2013, we have elections where we shall have one president for the whole of East Africa," he said.
The major oppossing voice against the Uganda president’s third term bid is Dr Kizza Besigye- his former physician, who may have been incapacitated by the triple charges of treason, terrorism and rape leveled against him by the Uganda government upon his return from exile.

Of the three East African nations, Tanzania has been the beckon of hope for democracy in East Africa. President Jakaya Kikwete, the latest addition to a growing list of Tanzania’s admirable statesmen just got sworn in as fourth President of the United Republic of Tanzania.

It is on record that Museveni pledged to hand over power during his last campaign five years ago. After 20 years in power, it’s unclear what remains for Museveni to achieve…except to destabilize of the region and further impoverish of the people.

I bet he'll experience the same fate as his predecessors before this happens.