Friday, December 30, 2005

My Hopes and Wishes for 2006

Earthlings are about to witness the the dawn of a new year. We will remember 2005 for its gifts of joy, and/or pain depending on who you are and where live on the planet. I pray the in-coming year- 2006- brings better tidings to all of mankind. It is my fervent prayer that the 2006 brings more genuine love, a stronger will to do good, deeper knowledge and wisdom, deep-rooted passion, and renewed energy to the world, and to Africa in particular.

The future of Africa will be shaky and bleak as long as those in the seats of power remain shackled and blinded by tribalism, lack passion and fervor in their hearts, and the teaming masses on the continent choose the easy but regressive paths of apathy and ignorance. For these reasons, I fear that 2006 will remain uneventful and deplete of positive developments for many African nations.

The problems in the African continent seem to have defied all logic and the strategies designed to curb the decay and disintegration of the constituent nations. What appears to be the bane of Africa, and the reason everything appears “upside-down” is the combined and interactive forces of ignorance on the part of the governed, a serious lack of passion, empathy, and ingenuity on the part of the governors, and our general tribalistic tendencies. These factors, acting in synergy, have proven to be the Achilles heel of all African nations, particularly those in the sub-Saharan region.

A wide spectrum of instances of awe and disappointments abound in the continent-- from our general lackadaisical attitude to the AIDS and corruption pandemic; or the recent unrest between Chad and Sudan; or the "rule-till-you-die" mentality of Mugabe and pranks and antics of Museveni; or the genocide in Darfur and the famine and (its denial) in Niger; to the silly "I-know-it-all" attitude of Obasanjo-- these deplorable events and actions demonstrate the tribalistic tendencies of the men in charge who lack the passion and commitment to do their jobs right, and the ignorance and/or apathy of the masses.

The salvation of Africa is in our hands. I pray 2006 grants us the fortitude to get the job done.

I congratulate you on witnessing the dusk of 2005 and the begining of a new year!