Monday, January 09, 2006

Gbenga Obasanjo: A Chip Off the Old Block


ELDEST son of President Olusegun Obasanjo, Gbenga, yesterday, expressed regrets over the interview granted Sowore but said it was unauthorized-- Nigerian Vanguard

Really? Did papa had a tete-a- tete with you Gbenga, and he chickened out, or Sowere turned a private conversation he had with Gbenga in a sensationalized interview?

Two thumbs down !!!

Gbenga's interview appears to have ruffled some feathers in the Nigerian political circle. The presidency and VP Atiku's camps have responded, the former dissociates itself, and the latter in an amateurish manner injected some African-tradition crap into the matter. Excerpts from the VeePee's spokesperson:
“He [Gbenga] is neither a politician nor a public office not the vice-president’s age mate. In fact the vice-president has a son who may be as old as, perhaps a better achiever than Gbenga. So that young man’s only qualification, to speak and to be quoted in the media is that he is one of the President’s sons. If the idea is that he should be replied to, the vice-president’s son is the one to appropriately respond.

“The VP doesn’t belong to a culture in which children trade words with elders. This boy will not be glorified with a response. Let the mask come off the face of the masquerade and we will face each other.”

For once, I see a member of the Nigerian ruling family for some reasons best known to him decides to vent out, throwing aside protocol and diplomacy, and leaving sore toes in his wake. Some of the readers on Grandiose Parlor have commented that Gbenga is either bold or simply frustrated to have been so blunt. Bold or frustrated, the interview was darn good and insightful.

If Gbenga has been all that have been written about him in the media, he won't have been so bold in this interview. And I have always heard that the President has been rigidly against his family members palling politicians for favors. If Gbenga has been one tenth as connected as Mohammed Abacha, he would not have been so daring. Is his interview a manifestation of frustration? Maybe.

President Obasanjo is noted for his blunt and often rude remarks, it should not be a surprise that Gbenga comes across exactly just like him. He is a chip off the old block.