Thursday, January 12, 2006

Blogging As a Trend in Nigeria

Finally, it appears the Nigerian MainStream Media has awakened to the blogging phenomenon among Nigerians, particularly those in the Diaspora. Remmy Nweke's article originally featured on Daily Champion and reproduced on speaks to the blogging trend.

Here is the gist:

"...This trend has persistently grown over the years in developing countries and Nigeria is not an exception as some web enthusiasts recently came up with the, a network founded by Mr. Kayode Muyibi, a young Nigerian student entrepreneur based in Cyberjaya Malaysia, in collaboration with the likes of the first Nigerian Information Technology Youth Ambassador, Mr. Gbenga Sesan, among others., is meant to increase and sustain blogs from this part of the globe, according to Mr. Muyibi. He informed that the network,, is to act as the nation's blog aggregator with different categories including technology, business, news, blog, search and a host of others.

He explained that the network was primarily developed as a venue to unite all Nigerian bloggers around the globe via syndicating their content and discussions through its forum.
'We're really impressed by some Nigerian blogs and we decided to invite them to join our forum at,' he said.
Stressing that the network encourages bloggers to invite their Nigerian friends too to join the network, even as the membership is free, bloggers must be over or exactly 13 years of age at the time of joining the network.

'Our main aim is to encourage Nigerians to start blogging about topics that interest them,' he declared, highlighting that this plan is expected to be achieved through aggregating and online forum, which offers the creation of an environment for everybody to read.

'This entails saving Nigerian blogs from isolation, which has been one of the main reason why Nigerians are discouraged to blog,' he noted."

"We need more Nigerian bloggers especially in the technology, culture, and arts department," he said.

Membership of, as at the time of going to the press is over 50 as indicated in the forum, which cut across all professions globally. The beauty of it all as far as weblogging and the nation are concerned, is that Nigerians are making effort to catch up with the rest of the world..."
Well, all I can say is "congratulations" to Messers Muyibi and Sesan and others who have contributed to this project. NigerianBloggers has become an indispensable tool- atleast to me, and I'm sure many others share the same view.