Thursday, September 01, 2005

Katrina: An Organized Chaos

President Bush has called for patience, and stated that help is on the way. Based on what one sees on the TV, it seems there is a huge disconnect between the people on the streets in New Orleans and government officials.

The situation is fast turning into an organized chaos! What is going on? Based on the limited information at my disposal it seems that much has not been done in coordinating relief efforts in New Orleans, and I’m at a loss as to what is really going on.

To start with, the evacuation prior to the arrival of Katrina was just a big lousy job. The majority of those affected have no means of transportation, so getting out wasn’t all that easy for them. Compared to those that stayed put at home, the fate of those that did evacuate to the dome does not really seem any better at the moment. Hopefully the evacuees at the dome will get moved to Texas, but what about those stuck all over New Orleans? I am surprised that we have not started seeing airdrops of food and water. Winching people off rooftops can only work to an extent; engine-powered flat bed boats need to be deplored to rescue the stranded, and move people to dry ground.

Yeah, there are talks of some people shooting at the helicopters; the authenticity of this is yet to established. Then the looting; we have been inundated with TV imageries of folks looting and carting off TVs, bikes, liquor and all that. While this may have been over-played by the TV network cabals, it should not be encouraged. I can understand if some looted for survival, but what the heck is a brother doing with a 36-inch TV set? I wonder.

I am getting angry and embarrassed by the general state of conditions of folks in New Orleans. America can do better than we are seeing. Didn’t America airdrop water and food in Afghanistan and Iraqi, places that are of higher risk than New Orleans? It was done in the desert, and after the last Tsunami? What if this were a terrorist attack, is this the best we can do?

Please donate; I just dropped my widow’s mite this morning.