Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Can The Business Blogosphere Build and Run a Real Business?

I ran into this via Dane Carlson's blog: Business Opportunities Weblog- a moderated list of legitimate of business opportunities for entrepreneurs. Please take a look:

"Do you ever have an idea that drives you crazy? Ever since I read "Wisdom of Crowds" a while back I keep wondering if it's true. I think about it all the time. A few months ago, I decided there was no reason not to test it. So I've built a new site called The Business Experiment where I propose we do just that.

Yes, you heard correctly. Business bloggers and readers will test their cumulative business knowledge by collectively starting and running a business - out in the open.
Can we do it? I don't know. It seems crazy, and counterintuitive to everything that we think about business, but that is why I want to do it.

How will it work?
We will solicit business ideas for products and/or services from the registered users. We will vote on those ideas. The top two will be put to a second vote where majority rules. That's the business we pursue..."
Grandiose Parlor: Crazy but interesting...If you are game, check out BusinessPundit for details.