Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Obasanjo presidential library: A case of ethical bankrupcy

Why can’t we ever learn to do things right in Nigeria? Our president, Obasanjo, just committed an ethical faux pas with the launching of his presidential library. Not that he cared! We are quick to copy the ways of the western world, and that is fine, we just need to learn and do things right. Obasanjo, knowingly or unknowingly, has laid down a dishonorable precedence for successive presidents; because they would want to have a library and will most likely source the funds while in office. Anyway, why should I be surprised? Afterall, our leaders (Atiku, OBJ, IBB and others) own private universities. Atiku started his while in office and no one blinked.

Public display such as this is a confirmation of how ethically retarded our leaders are. Perhaps what set this apart and makes it more frustrating is that it happened just after Tafa Balogun/Wabara saga, just when the war against corruption started having real teeth. Well, it has been repeatedly said by many that the anti-graft posture of Obasanjo’s administration is all a ruse; it is only the morally retarded and ethically bankrupt that will not concur now.