Saturday, September 23, 2006

Nigeria: Ibrahim Babangida is Psychotic!

I've just finished reading (and commenting to) the Black Star Journal post on Nigeria and Ibrahim Babangida, a former military dictator head of state.

In the post titled: "A cancer to return to the heart of Nigeria?", Brian, the author wonders if "the development of democracy in Nigeria so stunted that in a country of 130 million inhabitants, the only people qualified to seek the federal republic's highest office are ex-military dictators who raped and plundered the country?"

This is a question for all Nigerians eligible to vote should ask themselves. And I think may have already concluded that IBB is a joker. This is also a question many of Nigerians in the Diaspora have already discussed. The conclusion is the same.

Now that IBB has commenced his presidential drive to Aso rock again, and has boldly stated, unapologetically, that he cancelled the best and fairest election in history, I'm wont to ask why the media continues giving him any attention. To cancel a keenly contested and fair election is an extremely undemocratic act that only a pyschotic mind is capable of.

So in the absence of any evidence to counter the obvious, it is safe to state that IBB has clealy gone nuts! He is grossly deluded and suffers from grandiose delusions. And he belongs where his likes are - a psychiatric institution under heavy parenteral mediations - not on the media pages!