Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Don't Talk about My Nigeria!

This is the title of a commentary on African Executive website by a Chizoma Sandra Nwachukwu. This article disparages Nigerians abroad who routinely criticisize the government and the speak against the lapses in the society. Here are some excerpts:

"Nigerians abroad, come back home! Feel our pain. Feel our hunger, live in a house where there is no electricity, drink water from unsafe streams, then talk to us and we will listen...

"My fellow Nigerians, stop speaking from a point of ignorance. Purpose to change the status quo. You don't need military might. Just build ties with your people. Stop writing and criticizing the government. Even though it is not living up to its responsibilities, it is better than you are because it is doing something...

"Stop parading yourselves as though you are talking for all Nigerians. If you are concerned about our problems, if you feel for us, come back home and work."

I would like to ask the author what prompted this article, unfortunately African Executive website doesn't permit comments.

While I somewhat agree with Chizoma because it is all too easy for some of us pundits to play the roles of arm-chair policy experts and all that, I can't see why the government shouldn't be criticisized, as she suggested. There is definitely reasons for criticism as long as it's back with workable suggestions and alternatives. This is what many (including myself) do not do often.