Friday, July 28, 2006

The Nigerian Diaspora Day Talk Show

I wonder how many Nigerians are aware of what the Nigerian Diaspora day is about. Definitely I'm not one of those in the know. What about the Nigerian National Volunteer Service? Don't ask me I don't know much about it.

Via the website of the Nigerian embassy in New York:
"The Nigerian National Volunteer Service (NNVS) cordially invites qualified Nigerians in the Americas to the 1st Nigerian Diaspora Day/2nd Science and Technology Day taking place 25-27 July, 2006, in Abuja. The theme of the inaugural conference is RECOGNIZING AND CELEBRATING THE NIGERIAN DIASPORA."
There is so much fuss about the Nigerian Diaspora lately, particularly following the Leon Sullivan Summit.

As the nation celebrates the Nigerian Disapora on the pages of newspapers and televison screens, I wonder if this 'newly-found love' between Nigeria and its Diaspora is genuine- why is it that only a few out of the 20 million Diasporic Nigerians are in the know?

Why have only 350 Nigerians participate in the conference....if the power of Internet is fully leveraged millions could be part of- and contribute to- the conference.

As long as the Nigerian police can't figure how to fight crime and armed robbers; as long as armed robbers can successfully rob police barracks; as long as assasins can roam freely and kill at will- even killing the Nigerian chief law enforcement officer (Bola Ige)- the attorney general; as long as basic public health infrastructures and sound emergency care do not exist; Nigeria will never benefit from the wealth and resources of its vast Diaspora.

How much money has the government invested in this silly talk will be good to know.

By the way: Do you know that the government going to convert the old and abandoned federal secretariat in Ikoyi to an apartment complex specially designed for Diasporic Nigerians?

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