Friday, July 07, 2006

Computer For All Nigerians Initiative: A Homegrown PC Acquisition Scheme

"Despite being the fastest growing telecommunication market in Africa and the forage of some indigenous investors- Omatek Computers and Zinox Technologies- into the local production and assembly of computer and its related accessories, Nigeria's personal computer penetration is at an abysmal low rate of 7 per 1,000 inhabitants...The Computers for All Nigerians Initiatives (CANI) is a government-private sector collaboration aimed at increasing PC penetration in Nigeria, thus creating a more computer-literate workforce."

The above is an excerpt from an earlier on Grandisoe Parlor posting on The Computer For All Nigerians Initiative

On July 6, 2006, the federal government of Nigeria launched CANI. The program is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, Microsoft and Intel.

According news reports, the computers are made with Intel processors and are assembled locally by IBM, HP and four indeginous companies: Omatek, Zinox, Brian and Beta Computers. Payments are expected to be made over two years at less that N5,000 per month.

CANI at a glance:
"The scheme will make available desktop computers and laptops at prices significantly below the prevailing market prices for all such employees and in addition offer bank financing for the purchase of the PCs to be repaid at affordable rates over a period of 24 months. Such financing will be guaranteed by the employing organisations and the repayment effected by direct deductions from the employees’ salaries and wages.

The CANI PC packages will be available to employers at up to 30% discount off the current street price. In addition to the intention to finance loan repayments by direct deductions from payroll, employers will be encouraged to subsidize the package costs by about 20% so that the total cost of the CANI PC package to employees will be close to 50% off the street prices."

CANI website: