Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Nigerian Varsity Students Register Courses Online

It gladdens my heart to read that the University of Lagos, one of the 'top notch' varsities in Nigeria has adopted an internet-based registration system for its students. UnilagFaces reports that the online registration is for year one and two students. Expectedly, there are disapproval from some of the students; but for these students to see the system as a waste of time is totally unexpected.

Considering that many Nigerian students regularly use email and are conversant with online messaging system, I would have guessed that the newly introduced system would be readily adopted by the students. I hope it's a safe assumption that the 'dissenters' are in the minority.

The educational system in Nigeria is light-years away from the norm- both in standard and amenities. The introduction of simple technology such as Internet-based registration system goes a long way in bringing the college closer to world standard. Last year, a Nigerian wireless telephone provider donated a digital library to the same university.