Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Suffering (and Smiling) Under Nigerian Democracy

Fela Kuti (late) was the one that coined and used the phrase "shuffering and shmiling" in his 1977 song higlighting the polarizing influence of foreign religions on Nigerians. I have chosen to use the title somewhat differently in this post...

Residents cross a flooded street during rainfall in Lagos, Nigeria May 16, 2006. REUTERS/Akintunde Alinkeye. Picture via Yahoo!

There're many things not right about this image, particularly in a society that is now supposedly under democratic rule, and not under a military dictatorship as was the case pre-1999.

Another round of elections is around the corner. Come Aril 2007, Nigerians will go to the polling booths to decide who govern and man their affairs for another four years. Is the electorate wiser and savvier than they were in 2003?

  • Do the multitudes that endure unnecessary hardship understand how democracy works?

  • Does the Nigerian electorate appreciate the power bestowed on them by democracy?

  • Do Nigerians realize that to a great extent, they are in fact responsibile for several of the ills and lapses in the system?

  • Do Nigerians realize that Election Day is judgment day for the politicians?

  • Will Nigerians rather continue to 'suffer and smile' than diligently vote with all moral consciousness?

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