Friday, May 20, 2005

Between NEEDS and WANT...a nominee's show of ignorance

I am from Ondo State, Nigeria, and I'm really proud of that. However, the recent display of ignorance by Adebayo Yusuf, a ministerial nominee and a Nigerian ambassador to Togo, is nothing to be proud of, and it leaves one with so many questions. In fact the recent events following the exitus of Osoma, the disgraced Housing Minister, are nothing but disturbing! Yusuf is the second Ondo State nominee to be fielded following the dropping of Mr. Kayode Adetokunbo (SAN) after he was charged to court by the anti-graft panel for alleged corruption. Yusuf and Kayode were nominated to place Osomo.

These are manifestations of many of the ailments afflicting Nigeria. Ondo State is blessed with world-class scholars, so why had the state governor, Dr Segun Agagu, a 'learned' person, been fumbling repeatedy to get the right person for this job? Rumor has it that the 'Gov' as he likes to be called, has a penchant for refined and expensive liquor. I hope this was not a decision made under the influence! I, and all Ondo State indigenes hope he has been operating on an even keel all along.