Sunday, November 13, 2005

Doctor's Care Blossoms into a Mother's Love

Every now and then I do come across news item in the Minnesota dailies that just jives so well with my inner being. This post is one of them.

The original story- “Doctor's care blossoms into a mother's love” is written by Maura Lerner of Minneapolis/St. Paul Star Tribune. The characters are Dr Cindy Howard, an American pediatrician, and Loice and christine (photographed*), Ugandan twin girls once conjoined at the chest.

It is a remarkable story of altruism, poverty, and hopelessness. What I found inspiring about the feature is how the interplay of destiny and divine intervention can sometime unravel and sort-out the bleakest of all circumstances…

“Dr. Cindy Howard was getting ready to leave Uganda for the United States when she heard about the twins.

They had just arrived by bus in Kampala, the capital, from a village hundreds of miles away. Everyone was talking about them: newborn girls, conjoined at the chest.

Their family had sold its dearest possession, a bicycle, to pay for the trip to the hospital where Howard was working as a pediatrician. But everyone there knew they weren't equipped to help the twins. All eyes turned to her: Can you take them to America? Howard wasn't sure. She had treated thousands of children around the world, but never any like this. She looked at the two tiny patients. The decision she was about to make would change her life as much as theirs.

Today, the 4 year-old twins are thriving in St. Paul, their new home…Howard, 53, is their adoptive mother.
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* Picture taken by Kyndell Harkness, Star Tribune.